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Fox Uses U2’s ‘Bad’ to Bring to Light NASCAR’s Heroin Problem

 That could be the only explanation for having this little ad make its way to the television.



I am not sure that there is a hardline policy that bands should follow when allowing their music to be used in advertisements.  In some cases, I would argue that the properly placed song with the perfect product is alright, such as the use of  U2's ‘Vertigo’ to promote the Ipod.


‘Bad’ is a different story. The song, as told by Bono on countless live shows, related to heroin addiction. So for it to be offered in such a fashion makes me want to counter with “WTF”. Does Dale Earnhardt, Jr. have a drug problem that we were not aware of?


While the lyrics might not suggest that the song is about Heroin, the fact that Bono has provided that nugget of detail to U2 fans everywhere, you would have to wonder who in the U2 camp dropped the ball on this one. Or are they so hard up for money they will try to attract NASCAR Dads with this promo.

What bugs me is that the song turned from being one of my favorite U2 songs to one that bleeds of cynicism now. 



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