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If You Have Something Intelligent To Say

For those of you thinking that this site is going down a dark path, I want to encourage you at any time to feel free to offer your own counter-arguments or thoughts on what I am writing. It is quite easy to do. Write down what you want to say and fill out the contact form.
Write about anything that you like. You can agree or disagree with me all that you please.
Some possible things to think about.
 - Has R.E.M. been relevant in the 21st Century? Should any of their albums this decade be considered "Classic"?
 - Have the songs off of Collapse into Now offered anything fresh and inviting to the music or are we getting a retread of songs that sound as if they were left off of other albums?
 - Is there a magic that is missing? Common response I hear is that it sounds like an R.E.M. song but things are not quite right.
 - Isn't the opinion "I am just happy they are still together" a nice way to say that the music isn't good?
 - Would this site change/stay if you were the webmaster?
Or think of your own subject to write about.
PS - I happened to write about the torture waiting for the new Radiohead album here.

Best New Music 'Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Edition

If you live in the Chicago area you are aware that autumn seems to be starting early this year. I remember two years ago that the Chicago Marathon was run in 90 degree temps. It felt like Summer, at one point having to have it cut short because of the dangerous temperatures. This year, you can smell the crisp cool air as a prelude to the winter months.

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