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Best New Music 'Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Edition

If you live in the Chicago area you are aware that autumn seems to be starting early this year. I remember two years ago that the Chicago Marathon was run in 90 degree temps. It felt like Summer, at one point having to have it cut short because of the dangerous temperatures. This year, you can smell the crisp cool air as a prelude to the winter months.

Harborcoat From Olympia On REMHQ

A beautiful version of Harborcoat has been posted to REMHQ for everyone to enjoy.

I always like how these songs can be reintroduced to the public after so many years and quite honestly, the song has been reinvented after its 20+ year existence.

Played in 2007, this song is part of the Olympia Theatre rehearsal shows back in July 2007, and in particular was played on July 4th of that year.

R.E.M. is planning a 2-CD live release later this year as a compilation of those nights performances. Harborcoat will also be released as  a 4 song EP on July 7th, in support of the Reckoning songs as a precurser to 'Live at the Olympia' that is coming this October.



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