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Some More Testing

Testing this function in REMRing.
At this point, it would seem that we are functional to the point of being able to add news items/spreading the word of Stipe but obviously much more functionality is necessary before I feel compelled to state accurately that this site is once again up. For that reason you might see a story or ten here looking at some of the various methods at which are going to be necessary in order to see how things are looking, plus looking at menu design, etc.
To give you a quick update as to why the site was down, I was getting tired of Joomla, my content management system as it had reached an apex of frustration on top of being attacked every week or so by this or that person.
The site had run it's course in my head when trying to migrate to a new version of Joomla proved more frustrating than ever as it seemed some of the comments were going to be lost.
Once I figured out that Joomla had run it's course I started looking for alternatives and thus chose Drupal instead. Lately, inbetween living the hectic life and trying to plan a wedding I have been reading up on all the functionality of Drupal, essentially doing a little homework before the site came into existence. 
Right now it's just a shell of itself but for those that have been sending me emails and such I hoped that this would be an indication that I am back in business.