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Podcast #6 - May 13, 2014

Slightly delayed but never too late. I was not able to publish this on time due to life getting in the way a little bit. If the last podcast featured the old, this podcast featured much more of the new. 
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1 Feeling Gravitys Pull 10/2/1985,  Zeche Bochum, Germany
From the classic Rockpalast video that most fans have probably watched on Youtube, and the first song that I ever heard of the band.  I still remember thinking back at the opening few chords and how unique they sounded to anything else I was listening to at the time. 
2 The Wake-Up Bomb – 1/13/2001,  Rock In Rio, Rio De Janiero, Brazil

3 Get Up  - Green Demos - 1998
At times I appreciate these because from my ears it sounds as if there are moments that are completely gibberish. 
4 The Apologist – 6/25/1999, Glastonbury Festival, Glastonbury, England
5 The Eagle Song – Mike Mills, Live 2002
I cannot say that I appreciate this song and it might also answer some of the questions as to the obvious choice of who would come out with a solo effort after the band broke up. The music is not bad but the lyrics are very cliché, almost as if Mr. Mills had lifted it directly from my livejournal blog. 
6 Walk Unafraid – Alternate Up Mix
I have to say that the band made the right decision by choosing the version on the album versus this one. I have to say that it is interesting but 
7 Imitation Of Life2001/10/22, Groundwork, Seattle, WA

8 Final Straw2003/8/31,  Adams Center, Missoula, MT

9 Garage Rock   Reveal Demos, 2000
Sounds to me like the band had channeled Spaceman 3 with this demo from Reveal. I like the direction that they went with this and it's one of those tracks that I wished that they pursued further. 
10 So. Central Rain (I'm Sorry) – 6/8/2001,  Museum of TV & Radio
One of those songs in the R.E.M. canon that sounds beautiful however they perform it. 

11 I've Been High  5/18/2001, New York, NY
12 Spooky 4/3/1991 - KCRW Studios, Santa Monica, CA
This happens to be one of my favorite shows on the ‘Out of Time’ promo tour. The band seemed relaxed and dug deep in the archives for some fairly odd cover songs. It’s best to get a copy of the show with all the discussion vs. the unofficial bootleg versions which stripped the discussion completely. 
13 Munich – 3/26/2008 – BBC Radio One
R.E.M. covering the Editors.  I particularly enjoy this version, especially because I believe it was the only time the band covered this song. 
14 Around The Sun (early version)
Say what you want about Around the Sun, but there are a few songs on the album that I appreciate and this happens to be one of them. This version is slightly extended from the version that appears on the album