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Podcast #1 - April 6, 2014

The first one is a mixture of oldie but goodies and a couple of oddities. You can download it here. Right Click.
1) Radio Free Europe –  1981 Cassette Tape
In the spring of 1981 R.E.M. laid down some tracks (Sitting Still and White Tornado among the others) , mixed them and sent about 400 copies to clubs, journalists, .etc to promote the band. Hell, Drew does a better job explaining it here. It seemed the appropriate place to start this process off with. 
2) Burning Down – (5/12/81  Tyrones, Athens, GA)
I mentioned Burning Down above but this is a better copy, and only a month later and seemed appropriate.
3) Academy Fight Song (1989 Fan Club Single)
This Mission of Burma classic was played on their 1989 Green Tour but more importantly for me, it introduced me to the band. Their album ‘Signals, Calls and Marches’ is still one of my favorites.
4) Stand (Demo – Green)
Sometimes demos sound a little out of whack. This is one of those moments. 
5) Summertime (1990 Fan Club Single)
Stipe kills on this Gershwin classic.
6) Radio Song (Demo – Out of Time)
At the time, the KRS-1 inclusion on Radio Song might have thought to have been a good idea, but over time, it seems to feel more dated. For this reason it’s good to check out the demo, which I think is superior. 
7) Shine (Reveal Demos)
This song always gives me a chuckle due to the fact that it set off a firestorm on when its esteemed webmaster gave it such a glowing review that you would think that R.E.M. could have supplanted Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ by just finalizing and releasing this track. As far as instrumentals go, I have to say that I like it but not at the great lengths it was initially described.
8) The One I Love (5/20/88, 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA)
Bizarro Rock meets R.E.M. This is easily the most fucked up version of this song that you will ever hear performed by the band.
9) Hello in There (3/15/91, Borderline Club, London, UK)
This John Prine cover song features Michael at his best and one of the better moments of the few shows the band played to promote Out of Time.
10) Country Feedback (11/21/1985, Atlanta, GA)
The band regarded this song as their favorite on the Monster Tour and I would have to agree with them. As much as I appreciate the version that ended up on the album, I have to say that the live version gave it more power.
11) Gardening at Night / 9-9 / Windout (10/12/84, Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ)
For me, this is still about me and this is always one of my favorite 3-song combos of their early days. It was a seamless transition from song to song and if we were lucky a little interlude before Windout. 
12)   No Matter What (2002 Fanclub Single)
This Badfinger cover is dedicated to Mike Mills who has found a new career in breaking news stories. If you have been sleeping under a rock, you would know that Mike Mills tweeted that David Letterman is planning on retiring after this season. 
13)   Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars) (7/13/83, Paradise Theatre, Boston, MA)
A perfect way to finalize the show.