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R.E.M. - November 6, 1981 - Friday's Greensboro, NC

This has always been one of my favorite shows from the opening line "Support your local fanzine. Welcome to Friday's. It's Friday. We're R.E.M. We might be in tune."
In some way the dry droll method at which Michael Stipe introduces the band and then launches into a powerful version of 'Just a Touch' sets the tone for the entire evening. Minus some of the cuts with the sound or inequities with the sound this is a beautiful recording that captures that early R.E.M. sound to a T.
At this point the band had been in existence for all of a year and a half, and judging by the setlist that you see below you will notice that things are starting to shape up to the types of songs that you might recognize from their early albums. There are still songs that end up getting scrapped like Ha (We Get Paid For It), what appears to be a relatively new addition to the setlists at this time, That Beat, Permanent Vacation (well you know the usual suspects).
Where we see the band stand out however, is the spontaneity that they show. For example, during the performance of 'Romance' the band launches into an a capella version of Oh Ok's 'Round Is Funny' (Listed as 'Chained to the Wall' on the bootleg and many sites). It shows a band eager to please and entertain and not fret during what the band might consider nightly equipment problems.
At any rate, still one of my top shows from this year. Hope you enjoy.
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November 6, 1981
Greensboro, NC
1. Just a Touch
2. Burning Down
3. Ha (We Get Paid For It)
4. Shaking Through
5. (Don't Go Back To) Rockville
6. There She Goes Again
7. Permanent Vacation
8. Pretty Persuasion
9. That Beat
10. Mystery To Me
11. Carnival of Sorts (Boxcars)
12. Rave On
13. Ages of You
14. I Can't Control Myself
15. Laughing
16. Romance
17. Round Is Funny
18. Sitting Still
19. Wolves, Lower
20. Gardening At Night
21. 9-9
22. Windout
23. Radio Free Europe