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Open Letter to Thomas

I have had the opportunity to read your comments regarding this site. And by your definition I am probably going to be disrespecting the band some more and most likely at some point you might question whether I am a real fan in the first place.
I really do not give a crap what you call me other than the fact that your response is a failure on my part. My failure is not on the aspect that you do not agree with me but the mere fact that you are not thinking about what I am writing about and responding back.
If there is something that I like and someone writes a criticism about it, it's much easier to criticize the author than actually try to figure out why you like it in the first place. I am just a lost R.E.M. fan in a forest of big trees hoping to hear the siren calls of Mr. Stipe to lead me out of danger.
But you will not see any circle jerks appearing here. I am not a secret wing of the Warner Bros. machine, just a jackass that wished he had a snuggie typing on his computer screen.
Thank you.